Lindsay Kemp toured the world with the Lindsay Kemp Company for the last 30 years of the second millennium, riding a wave of extraordinary success, renovating performance languages and influencing several generations of artists across 5 different continents. An instinctively multifaceted creator, Kemp’s work has always combined and transcended categories such as mime, theatre and dance, blending tragedy and comedy, spectacle and simplicity, ritual and parody, passion and playfulness, tradition and transgression, discipline and freedom.

His Teaching has always been an integral element of how Kemp lives and spreads his creativity. Countless people the world over passionately testify to the influence his teaching has had on them… but especially singers and dancers (David Bowie and Kate Bush, for example, but also opera singers, classical and contemporary dancers, actors, acrobats and artists of every kind). A teacher of a special sort, weaving different teachings and moods together, he leaps lightly from childlike spontaneity to animal violence and on to technique, trance and ecstasy, moulding individual and group energies through guided improvisation and exercises. The simplest and deepest things, like basic performance technique and personal release. Performance as being and giving. As communication, storytelling and musicality. As connection with the public… real or imaginary. As seduction and hypnotism, enchantment and complicity. Dance, music, silence, stillness. Every workshop, every class, is an adventure punctuated by sweat, tears, poetry and laughter. The only sure thing is: no one remains indifferent.

He has taught at The Harkness School in New York, the Australian Ballet School and The Rambert Dance Company and most recently at The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art ,as well as in countless institutions, companies or creative contexts around the world, from England to Japan, Mexico, Brazil, Israel, Venezuela, Australia, Spain and Italy, where he is now based.

His workshops reflect Kemp’s many varied influences, ranging from Modern Dance (Wigman, Weidman, Kurt Jooss), avant-garde theatre, performance art, traditional opera and ballet, Japanese and oriental theatre, Marcel Marceau, American musicals, ethnic dance and popular entertainment in all its forms. They can vary in duration from 3 sessions (c. 2 hours) to many more and can be tailored for different kinds of participants. Ideally 20-24 participants, c. 80 sq. metres, sprung floor, adequate sound system.

Creations: As designer, choreographer and director for The Lindsay Kemp Company he created and toured a repertory that included Flowers, Salome, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Nijinsky, The Big Parade, Duende, Onnagata, Elizabeth’s Last Dance,Histoire du Soldat where he plays the role of the devil and many other extraordinary productions.
He recently created The Illusionist for the Rome Opera Ballet and previously, dance theatre works for, among others, The Rambert Dance Company, Houston Ballet, Australian Dance Theatre, Introdans (Netherlands), The Berlin Deutsche Oper and the English National Ballet. In 1972 he directed ex-company member David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust Shows at London’s Rainbow Theatre, radically transforming the concept of rock performance.
His opera productions, produced and performed widely in Spain and Italy, have included Madame Butterfly, The Magic Flute, The Tales of Hoffmann, La Traviata, Britten’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Purcell’s The Fairy Queen.
At present he is touring Italy and Spain with his latest production “Kemp Dances”.

David Haughton: davidhaughton51@gmail.com tel. +39 3471835545
Daniela Maccari: daniela.maccari@lindsaykemp.eu