It is a privilege to welcome the legendary Lindsay Kemp to Dance Base.
Much has been said about his influence on seminal artists such as Bowie and Bush but we also acknowledge Lindsay’s ground-breaking work over the decades. Works that have radically, glamorously and intensely changed ways of seeing theatre, dance, art, life and gender. It was in the same Grassmarket that is now home to Dance Base that the exquisite and high camp classics such as Flowers, The Maids and the Turquoise Pantomime were premiered, in the first wild manifestation of the Traverse Theatre.
Morag’s life was changed as a 15-year-old dance student at the Theatre School of Dance and Drama in the West End run by William Mowat Thomson, when Lindsay flew into the studio accompanied by dancer The Incredible Orlando (aka Jack Birkett), filling it with charisma, visceral life and colour and outrageous behaviour.
Morag was invited to be part of that most outrageous and innovative company, and now, several decades later, Lindsay’s homecoming is rightly here at Dance Base, and now you can spend an entire week with the man Kate Bush dedicated the song Moving to. She said of him “It was incredible, I’d never seen anything like it, I really hadn’t. And I felt if it was possible to combine that strength of movement with the voice, then maybe it would work, and that’s what I’ve tried to do.”
Brian Eno – “Lindsay was, is and always has been extraordinary”
Sir Alec Guinness stated “Lindsay Kemp is a great, repeat, great artist”
Lindsay is joined in the studio by the Italian ballet dancer Daniela Maccari, who will embody some of Lindsay’s vision during the week and is essential to the process. More details of both artists can be found on the website.
Company Class Thursday 12 Oct 10.00-11.30
Lindsay Kemp and Daniela Maccari will lead a class which opens up the connection of movement and breath, giving every participant a chance to embody the magic of stillness and flow that is part of the great Kemp magic.
Stay tuned for more announcements regarding this showcase programme.
You can book tickets for the showcase performance here.
Illuminations will be part of Luminate: Scotland’s creative ageing festival.

Residency | Mon 9 – Fri 13 Oct | 11.00 – 16.00
Showcase | Sat 14 Oct | 20.00