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Photos from 1962 to 1973(see “The Early Years” chapter inShows 1962-2018)

With special thanks to Annie Stainer, Lindsay Levy, Irene Muir,David Meyer and especially Robert Anthony, an invaluable contributor of photos whose close friendship and collaboration with Lindsay Kemp began in 1959.

This Gallery displays photos and information provided by the above members of The Lindsay Kemp Troupe – as it was usually called back then – and from unknown sources.In addition it contains some significant memorabilia.

It also includes, published here for the first time, a much-searched-for handful of slides showing scenes from the first ever performances of “Flowers”, at the Edinburgh Combination Arts Centre in early September 1969. A series of visual clues, and a confirmation from Annie Stainer (the only contactable performer from that mythical debut) offer convincing evidence of this.Given the poor visual and artistic quality of what may have been a dress rehearsal, we glimpse thelong lost seeds of a production clearly in need of the radical evolution it would undergo over the subsequent four or five years, as it turned into Lindsay Kemp’siconic masterpiece and springboard to international success.